Instruments contributing to the work of ipaMS

Amazon Speed ETD, Bruker

API 4000, Sciex

HPLC, Agilent

HTC Autosampler, PAL

MAT 95 XP, ThermoFinnigan

Quadrupole, HPR 60, Hiden Analytical

Esquire 3000, Bruker

Esquire 6000, Bruker

Amazon Speed, Bruker

1. MicroTof, Bruker

TOF I + OPO, Bruker and GWU-Lasertechnik

2. MicroTof, Bruker

1. API 3200, Sciex

2. API 3200, Sciex

TOF, Tofwerk

RGA Microvision2, MKS

FT QITs (Prototype I and II), Zeiss

GC-MS (7890A/5975C), Agilent

MALDI Reflex III, Bruker

6538 UHD accurate Mass QTOF LCMS, Agilent

320 TQ MS, Varian

300 TQ MS, Varian

Pegasus III, GCxGC MS, Leco

QTOF Ultima API, Micromass (taken apart for educational purposes)

Triple Quad 6500, Sciex

MAT95 XL, Finnigan

EVOQ GC-TQ, Bruker

LCD 3.3., Chemical Warfare Agent detector based on IMS Technology, Smiths Detection

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